4-point pogo pins working height 1.5mm

4-point pogo pins pogo pin connector 4 pin pogo pin connector 4 pin 4pin pogo pin 4 pin pogo connector

4-point pogo pins working height 1.5mm


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  • working height
  • pitch
  • Force
    90 ±20gf



4-point pogo pins


Drawing description

1 Dimensions shall be interpreted per ASME Y14.5M
2 Mechanical performance(See table 1)
    <2.1> The force is the down of force when the plunger goes down
    <2.2> Warning: operating height is not allowed to be greater than max compression
3 Electrical performance
    <3.1> Current rating: 3.0A Max
    <3.2> Voltage rating:12VAC/DC
    <3.3> Contact Resistance: 50mOhm Max (at 1.50mm Working height)
    <3.4>Insulation Resistance:100MOhm minimum
4 Environmental performance
    <4.1> RoHS2.0、HF compliant
    <4.2> Operating Temperature range:-40°C~+85°C
    <4.3> Withstanding High Temperature:260°C/10Sec
5 Holding force of Pins and HSG: 3kg Min
6 when the current is greater than 1A then need to increase the time delay circuit(3 second)
7 Packaging: Bag


Product Image

4-point pogo pins
4-point pogo pins
4 pin pogo connector
4 pin pogo connector
4pin pogo pin
4pin pogo pin
pogo pin connector 4 pin
pogo pin connector 4 pin
pogo pin connector 4 pin
pogo pin connector 4 pin


4pin pogo pin drawing
4pin pogo pin drawing

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working height, 1.5mm, pitch, 2.0mm, Pin Amount, 4 pins, Durability, 10000 Cycles min, Lead Time, 25 Days, Rated Current, 3.0 A, Rated Voltage, 36 V, Force, 90 ±20gf

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