Antenna Shrapnel

Antenna Shrapnel

Spring Clip

The company can develop different specifications of Spring Clip for antenna connection and charging connection, relying on strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities to meet the diverse needs of customers.

  • Low cost: The cost is 80% lower than Pogo pin
  • High production capacity: 500K/mold per day
  • Save space
  • Low contact resistance: less than 10 milliohms

Antenna spring clip

Application field: antenna connection, grounding

Common materials: C5240-SH; C17200

Product features
  • Small space
  • Low cost
  • Customized structure

Product Model
Index3200016-1弹片开放式3.0H,2.3W,ANTENNA CLIPS4.6*2.3*3.00.9PDF
Index3200016-1弹片开放式3.0H,2.3W,ANTENNA CLIPS4.6*2.3*3.00.9PDF
14200017-1弹片开放式3.5H,2.3W,ANTENNA CLIPS4.6*2.3*3.50.9
25200018-1弹片开放式4.0H,2.3W,ANTENNA CLIPS4.6*2.3*4.00.9
36200019-1弹片开放式4.5~5.0H,2.3W,ANTENNA CLIPS4.6*2.5*4.00.9
47200030-1弹片开放式5.0H,3.0W,ANTENNA CLIPS4.6*3.0*5.00.9
58200035-1弹片带护框2.2H,0.9W,ANTENNA CLIPS3.5*0.9*2.20.6
69200039-1弹片连接器6.4H 1PIN BATTERY8.0*5.4*6.41.4
710200053-1弹片开放式1.3 1.6W,ANTENNA CLIPS3.8*1.6*1.30.65
811200054-1弹片开放式1.3&1.6H,1.6W,ANTENNA CLIPS3.8*1.6*1.60.65
912200055-1弹片开放式3.6H,1.25W,ANTENNA CLIPS3.85*1.25*3.61
1013200056-1弹片开放式3.2H,1.25W,ANTENNA CLIPS3.75*1.25*3.21
1114200057-1弹片开放式4.0H,1.25W,ANTENNA CLIPS3.85*1.25*4.01
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