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Shenzhen Top-link Technologies Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, which was established in 2005 and concentrated on Pogo Pin from then on. After years of development, it has occupied a leader position in the Pogo Pin industry. At present, the company's products extend to precise components, cables & connectors, Pogo Pin, solid Pin, antenna and other products, provide customers with all kinds of customized precise component solutions, and possess comprehensive competitiveness in the industry.

Top-ink's professional capabilities in R&D, quality management and intelligent manufacturing can meet the diversified needs of the market and provide customers with excellent products and services. At present, we have established stable and long-term strategic cooperative relations with Bose, Huawei, luxshare, Goertek, BYD, Merry and other global famous customers.

Depending on many years’ technology accumulation & synchronously development experiences with many well-known customers, combining with international advanced technical tool, design software & laboratory, work together with our professional staff who possess a global vision, we have always maintained a technological advantage in the industry, and we are committed to providing customers with highly customized interdisciplinary precision components system solutions to help customers achieve products faster and better, and create new value growth impetus for each customer and stakeholder.

17 years manufacturer of Pogo Pin and Precise Module
Top-Link Milestones

Our History

  • 2020

    Established electroplating plant

  • 2019

    Expand High-speed connector business

  • 2018

    Relocated to new factory, precise components assy business

  • 2017

    Revenue more than 100 million yuan

  • 2016

    Certified by IATF16949

  • 2015

    Certified by ISO14001

  • 2014

    National high-tech technology enterprise, antenna business

  • 2013

    Cooperated with OPPO to create mobile phone fast charging

  • 2007

    ISO9001 certificated

  • 2005

    Established in Shenzhen

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  • 万魔
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  • B&O
  • BOSE
  • BRAGi
  • 比亚迪
  • 漫步者
  • 怪兽充电
  • 伟创力
  • 富士康
  • 歌尔
  • Google
  • 哈曼
  • 霍尼韦尔
  • 华米
  • 华为
  • 街电
  • LG
  • 罗技
  • 立讯
  • 美律
  • 小天才
  • OPPO
  • 瑞声电子
  • 三星电子
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