Top-link won “2023 Shokz Supplier Quality Excellence Award”

Top-link won “2023 Shokz Supplier Quality Excellence Award”

At the beginning of the new year, good news poured in one after another. After winning the “2022 Quality Excellence Award” from Shokz, Top-link has once again won the “2023 Supplier Quality Excellence Award” from Shokz. On January 25th, the “2023 Excellent Quality Supplier Commendation Conference” was held at the Yinghaosheng Activity Center. Mr. Xiao, Mr. Qin, representatives of Shokz, and members of the Shokz project team attended the conference. The conference was divided into five stages: Shokz’s summary and future planning on the quality performance of Top-link, Top-link’s quality report, customer representative awards, Shokz project team awards, and leaders summarize.

2023 Shokz Supplier Quality Excellence Award
2023 Shokz Supplier Quality Excellence Award

Firstly, Miss Zhang from Shokz conducted a “2023 Quality Performance Summary of Top-link”, using data to analyze the quality performance of Top-link’s various products. The data shows that Top-link’s product quality is stable and good; Focusing on parallel research and development with quality demonstrates excellent technical strength and quality control capabilities. Manager Hu of Shokz stated that in 2024, Shokz’s business will continue to grow, with opportunities accompanied by challenges. The pursuit of excellence in new project work will deepen cooperation between the two sides in the future, work together, and achieve a win-win future!
Next, the Quality Anser Director of Top-link analyzed the yield of products delivered to Shokz in 2023, and announced the quality goals and improvement action plans for 2024. The company adheres to the pursuit of “continuous improvement without end”, using testing management and outsourcing management activities as carriers, establishing a continuous improvement mechanism and comprehensive quality management training through time management and routine management mechanisms, fully utilizing QC tools, and fully penetrating the company’s continuous improvement culture into all work, solidifying it in everyone’s consciousness and behavior.

2023 Quality Performance Summary of Top-link

At the customer award ceremony, Mr. Wu from Shokz presented the “2023 Supplier Quality Excellence Award” trophy to Top-link. Shokz was founded in 2004 and has rapidly risen in the field of consumer electronics after more than a decade of dedicated research. The bone conduction sports earphones under our brand are the first product in China to win the gold medal of the Edison Award, a top international technology innovation award. They are popular in over 50 countries and regions and are loved by sports enthusiasts and business people. Last year, when Mr. Wu presented us with the “2022 Excellent Supplier Award”, he expressed his hope for a heavier award to Top-link in 2023. With excellent product quality and service, Top-link once again stood out from hundreds of suppliers in 2023, which is Shokz’s recognition of Top-link’s work in product quality and delivery, response speed, technical capabilities, and other aspects.

2023 Supplier Quality Excellence Award

Subsequently, Top-link Chairman Xiao and Shokz Director Wu awarded the “2023 Excellent Project Team award ” to the members of the Shokz team. Top-link has always achieved customer satisfaction through technological innovation and excellent quality. We always focus on the overall realization of customer products, fully understand and meet customer needs, attach importance to quality and delivery, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction or even exceed customer expectations. This is the overall pursuit of the team. It is precisely by virtue of this principle that project team members can work together, support each other, and make unremitting efforts to complete various tasks with high quality and efficiency. At the same time, it also calls on project team members to continue to carry forward their professional qualities of active dedication, unity and cooperation, as well as their down-to-earth and pragmatic work style in the new year, and achieve better results.

2023 Excellent Project Team award

In his concluding speech, Mr. Wu of Shokz stated that the cooperation between Top-link and Shokz is a two-way journey. With high-quality products and sincere trust, both sides have established a close cooperative relationship bond in the process of mutual growth. In the future, tools and methods will be used to further improve various tasks, form collaborative paradigms, and migrate to more projects. While thanking the Top-link Shokz project team for their strong support to Shokz, we will continue to attach importance to our cooperation and hope that both parties can further unite their efforts, deepen communication, leverage each other’s strengths, and promote win-win cooperation.

2023 Supplier Quality Excellence Award

At the end of the conference, Mr. Xiao would like to express his gratitude to Shokz for providing us with encouragement and encouragement. He would like to express his gratitude to Shokz for giving us the opportunity to practice our core values of “pioneering innovation, diligence and pragmatism, excellent quality, and customer achievement”. He would also like to express his gratitude to the project team members for their efforts and dedication. This time, we have been awarded the “2023 Supplier Quality Excellence Award” by Shokz, which not only affirms Top-link’s past commitment to quality and service, also a heavy trust and responsibility, bringing infinite motivation for our innovative development and courageous progress. In the future, we will fully tap into the potential of each employee, make best practices a common value pursuit, live up to the expectations of every customer, and be more proactive in facing challenges!

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