Great news | Top-link won the “2023 Technology Innovation Award” from Meituan Power Bank

Great news | Top-link won the “2023 Technology Innovation Award” from Meituan Power Bank

With the promotion and application of new technologies such as 5G network, IoT technology, and intelligent terminals, the shared power bank industry has ushered in a new round of high-speed growth. According to data from Shangpu Consulting, the market size of shared power banks in China reached 19.37 billion yuan in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 29.6%. Meituan, as the representative of Internet+ life service sharing economy and the leading brand in the shared power bank industry, accounts for about 18% of the national market in the shared power bank industry.

"2023 Technology Innovation Award" from Meituan Power Bank
“2023 Technology Innovation Award” from Meituan Power Bank

As a long-time partner of Meituan, Top-link is committed to promoting innovation in its products to better meet the needs of end consumers. In 2023, the R&D engineers of Top-link received feedback from the Meituan Power Bank team, stating that some businesses have placed their power banks in window positions and often receive rainwater. After rainwater accumulates on the original structural connectors, it is easy to cause problems such as poor contact and even safety hazards. The Meituan project team of Top-link quickly responded to customer needs, designed and produced various DOE validation samples, passed strict online and offline testing, and ultimately solved the customer’s water accumulation problem, enabling customers to quickly introduce new products into mass production.

Top-link connectors in Meituan Power Bank
Top-link connectors in Meituan Power Bank

No effort, no harvest. It is precisely because we always adhere to the customer-centric concept that we have also gained recognition from our customers. Top-link has been awarded the “2023 Technology Innovation Award” by Meituan Power Bank. Behind this heavy honor, it is inseparable from the support of our customers, the company’s commitment to technological innovation, and the ultimate craftsmanship spirit of our R&D engineers.

Mr.Jiang, Sales Manager of Top-link represents the company to receive awards
Mr.Jiang, Sales Manager of Top-link represents the company to receive awards

The average age of the connector R&D team of Top-link is less than 30 years old. Among them are senior “experts” who have been deeply involved in the industry for more than ten years, as well as energetic new members of society. Top-link is well aware of the role of the environment in talent growth. In the team, everyone has improved their skilled, gained recognition, and continuously grown, creating value for the company while also realizing self-worth. Top-link has a complete reserve talent training system, and the company has a “Top-link Innovation College” with rich online and offline training resources. It has jointly established a “graduate training base” with Shenzhen University and a long-term talent transfer mechanism with Nanchang Aviation University. At the same time, as the vice president unit of the Shenzhen Connector Industry Association, Top-link is responsible for the mission of cultivating professional talents in the connector industry.

As a new round of global technological revolution and industrial transformation, the development of shared power banks has distinct characteristics of the times, promoting industry transformation and upgrading through high-tech, and transforming traditional industry forms. Under the new business situation, Top-link always adheres to the innovative concept of customer-oriented development. In order to ensure high-quality development, continuously improve R&D capabilities, vigorously invest in forward-looking technology research in segmented industry fields, improve production process levels, enhance product market core competitiveness, and comprehensively and deeply meet the differentiated needs of customers.

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