Top-link Selected in the “Shenzhen High Quality Medical Device Supplier List”

Top-link Selected in the “Shenzhen High Quality Medical Device Supplier List”

In order to implement the work deployment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, and the Municipal Government on improving industrial quality, and promote high-quality development of industries, our city has launched the “Lingqu” plan, which focuses on the special action of improving industrial quality. The “Lingqu” plan, named after the national level infrastructure project “Lingqu” built in the Qin Dynasty, aims to take measures to “solve major problems with small changes”, promote the connection between industrial development needs and quality technology supply, break the gap between industrial and quality departments in terms of system and operation mechanism, accelerate the coordination of quality technology and quality management, and achieve the integration of industrial chain and quality chain.

Shenzhen Municipal Administration for Market Regulation held a press conference on the "Lingqu" Plan

The Lingqu Plan focuses on enhancing the quality competitiveness of Shenzhen’s high-end medical device industry through standard guidance, quality upgrading, and supply and demand abutment, and has made effective explorations to promote the quality improvement of the medical device supply chain. In order to timely summarize the pilot experience and achievements, and drive all parties to jointly promote the improvement of industrial quality, on January 18th, 2024, the Shenzhen Municipal Administration for Market Regulation held a press conference on the “Lingqu” Plan – Cooperative Improvement of Quality in the Medical Device Industry Chain. Top-link, as a high-quality supplier of the medical device industry, was invited to attend.

Top-link Selected in the "Shenzhen High Quality Medical Device Supplier List"
Top-link Selected in the “Shenzhen High Quality Medical Device Supplier List”

During the announcement of the “List of High Quality Medical Device Suppliers in Shenzhen”, a leader of the Market Supervision Bureau announced the list of selected suppliers, with Top-link among them. Medical devices have high R&D and quality thresholds, involving cross-field capabilities such as medicine, materials science, biology, mechanical manufacturing, and physical chemistry. Due to the high technological content and high technological difficulty of medical devices, customers have high requirements for R&D, and production processes. Therefore, Top-link has been selected as a high-quality supplier of medical devices in Shenzhen, marking the recognition of Top-link’s professional abilities in R&D innovation, intelligent manufacturing, quality management, and other aspects. Since passing the ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality Management System certification in 2020, Top-link has provided one-stop cross-field precise components & module solution from conception to mass production for numerous smart healthcare industry customers both domestically and internationally, with excellent products and services. Its products include various precise module such as Pogo Pin charging module, high-speed connection components, magnetic cable, precise machining parts, and precise guiding module, empowering customers to achieve high-quality product.

People’s health is the foundation of social civilization progress, an important symbol of national prosperity and national strength, and also a common pursuit of the general public. 2024 is a crucial year for achieving the goals and tasks of the 14th Five Year Plan. Top-link will continue to prioritize quality, innovate and seek practicality, continue to make efforts in the medical and health industry, take demand and problem as the dual orientation, identify industry development needs, solve product quality problems industry quality problems for customers, and comprehensively implement capabilities to promote the vigorous development of China’s medical device industry and national health cause.

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