The operating environmental conditions of 5G radio frequency Pogo Pin

The operating environmental conditions of 5G radio frequency Pogo Pin

5G radio frequency Pogo Pin
5G radio frequency Pogo Pin

1. Ambient temperature
Refers to the working environment of the product and must be used within the specified ambient temperature range of the product. Even if the external ambient temperature is not high, when the product is running in the chassis, the heat dissipation conditions are not good. Exceeding the specified ambient temperature will damage the metal coating or the insulating layer, and at the same time, the insulating layer will crack even at too low temperature, and eventually Reduce the performance or functionality of the 5G RF pogo pins.

2. Moisture or water
Moisture or water will form a water film on the surface of the insulator, reducing the insulation performance and causing misdirection between adjacent contacts. In general, 5G RF pogo pins that are used for extended periods of time in high humidity or underwater conditions require the use of sealed connectors.
3. Low air pressure
In high altitude environments, atmospheric pressure decreases. The insulation withstand voltage of the product decreases. If the transmission voltage is higher than the technical condition of the product, it may cause electrical failure.

4. Corrosive environment
It refers to the atmosphere around the product, such as the sea with serious salt fog and the storage of chemical raw materials with strong acid and alkali. These conditions will cause corrosion of the metal part and insulator of the connector. Select the manufacturer, give special requirements or select products that meet your requirements. At the same time, it should be noted that the plastic parts of some connectors are not resistant to banana water, benzene, acetone and other solvents.

5. Mechanical conditions
It refers to the selection of mechanical effects such as vibration, impact, collision and acceleration according to the parameters of product samples. Generally, the mechanical parameters of torsion pins of similar products are relatively high and easy to ensure. In actual use, after the cable and contact are terminated, should be fixed with clips.

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