Application of Pogo Pin charging connection in E-cigar

Application of Pogo Pin charging connection in E-cigar

Application of Pogo Pin charging connection in E-cigar

Atomized E-cigar and HNB (heat-not-burn tobacco products) are the two mainstream products that replace cigarettes and reduce harm, and the product attributes are different. HNB appeared later, but their raw materials are still tobacco products in essence, so they are closer to traditional cigarettes in terms of taste and shape, and are mostly used by traditional cigarette smokers to transition from smoking, while E-cigar are not essentially Tobacco products, but as a new way for people to smoke, although its degree of reduction to traditional cigarettes is low, but in addition to replacing cigarettes, Atomized E-cigar also have emerging attributes such as fashion and entertainment. In addition, whether or not it contains tobacco directly leads to different regulatory patterns. As a tobacco product, HNB is basically regulated globally with reference to traditional cigarettes, while the definition of E-cigar varies among countries.

HNB E-cigar

Because the pods used by HNB contain tobacco, they are strictly regulated in China and are prohibited from being sold domestically. Although domestic tobacco companies such as Sichuan China Tobacco and Yunnan China Tobacco have also been involved in the development of new HNB, they are all sold to foreign. The structure of the HNB mainly includes a heating rod, a Bluetooth chip, a motor, an RF antenna, a charging module, buttons and an indicator light.

Compared with HNB, atomized e-cigar are healthier. Coupled with changing tastes and technological iterations, atomization technology has once become the key to maintaining its competitiveness and is loved by young people. At the same time, the regulations and supervision of vaping in the international and domestic markets are still in the process of being gradually improved. Changes in future regulatory policies will be somewhat uncertain for the entire vaping industry and require high attention. For the supervision of the atomization market, it is expected that the continuously strengthened policy risks will be greater than overseas. The structure of the atomized e-cigar mainly includes the condensate wall-mounted bin, the dry-wet separation system, the atomizing core, the atomized bin lock liquid cotton, the sealed liquid silicone, etc.

Atomized E-cigar

As a new type of tobacco is an incremental market, atomization and HNB are not completely in a relationship of stock competition, and there is a high probability that the two will coexist for a long time. New tobacco is an innovative solution to solve the contradiction between traditional tobacco happiness and health. As for whether the technical path is HNB or atomization, it is the influence by both that of policies, consumer preferences and supply-side.

The pogo pin charging module we provide for e-cigar has a full charging time of less than 30 minutes, a special coating design, electrolysis resistance, and corrosion resistance that far exceed industry standards. The nickel-free plating layer used prevents the release of nickel and is non-irritating to the skin, making it safer and more secure for consumers to use. The adsorption force of the charging end is 3-5N, and the pull-out force is 1-2N. It is easy to operate, can be inserted blindly, and has a better user experience. At the same time, the structure is compact, which is convenient for structural designers to carry out product design. Starting from the needs of customers, we dedicate to helping customers create smart, healthy and convenient smoking sets, and provides customers with more complete and innovative charging solutions for e-cigar equipment.

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