Toplink Project Management: Utilize internal professional resources to create synergistic advantages in interdisciplinary projects

Toplink Project Management: Utilize internal professional resources to create synergistic advantages in interdisciplinary projects

Understanding what customers truly need and want to achieve is crucial for the success of any company. To achieve a win-win situation with customers, enterprises need to break through their own business framework, focus on the most urgent needs of customers, truly care about what customers need, start from their needs, understand their pain points, and help them understand how your products or services can solve these problems. Providing efficient and accurate solutions and services to customers has always been the goal of Top-link.

With years of experience in the connector industry, Top-link has established a comprehensive research and development, intelligent manufacturing, and quality management system. Our customers include numerous industries such as smart wearable devices, smart home, smart healthcare, IOT, 5G communication, equipment manufacturers, and new energy vehicles. Traditional project management methods cannot simultaneously handle cross-field project management processes across multiple fields. Top-link project management is designed to respond to customer needs as quickly as possible. It adopts a strong matrix project management architecture, a vertical leadership system divided by function in organizational structure, and a horizontal leadership relationship structure divided by product (project) to allocate resources reasonably.

Top-link Project Management Process
Top-link Project Management Process

Top-link provides customers with comprehensive project management from project evaluation, product development, process development, process and product confirmation to mass production feedback. Each project management link is supported by specific action plans to ensure feasibility and implementation. A scientific project management process combined with a competitive intellectual property system, supply chain management system, quality management system, and hazardous substance management system ensures safe delivery of projects within time, quality and budget, ultimately satisfying customers.

Top-link’s project management team is a culturally diverse team that has the experience of connector project management for different products, becoming increasingly mature and stable. Experts from different fields collaborate to solve cross-field product project management problems, enabling them to break free from inherent thinking and promote innovation, providing customers with more valuable multidisciplinary engineering services covering all stages of the project lifecycle, improving efficiency and minimizing errors and data transmission time, enabling customers to obtain the best one-stop solution and service.

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