Pogo pin can meet the design needs of modular medical equipment

Pogo pin can meet the design needs of modular medical equipment

Pogo pin for medical equipment. The development of modular medical devices, such as pluggable or wearable drug dispensing and patient monitoring equipment. Although electronic components capable of performing the necessary analysis, measurement, and feedback tasks are widely available, few are small or robust enough to satisfy the unique demands of these devices.

Pogo Pin is used for charging connection: low resistance, high contact stability and used to connect antenna: low impedance, anti-interference.

pogo pin contact systems also provide high reliability, long life cycle solutions for modular medical.pogo pin contacts utilize stainless steel to provide the high spring force between the body and the gold-plated plunger, which compresses during mating, and can only accept a straight (i.e., vertical) mating direction. Consequently, pogo pin contacts are frequently employed in docking applications, in which a device is plugged into a base station. Despite their limitations with regard to the mating angles they are compatible with, pogo pin contacts provide a minimum of 10,000 mating cycles, even in harsh environment applications, making them another ideal solution for modular medical electronics designs.

Pogo pin applied to hearing aids, Pogo pin for medical equipment

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