Analysis of common pin sticking problems of Pogo Pin Spring-loaded Connector

Analysis of common pin sticking problems of Pogo Pin Spring-loaded Connector

In the use of Pogo Pin, some customers will encounter unsmooth compression of the Pogo Pin or Pin sticking. The above problems shown as unsmooth preloading and the needle can not work normally.

pogo pin
pogo pin

The reasons can be analyzed from the following 6 aspects:
1. The structural design of tube and plunger;
2. The glue or glue residue blocking the nozzle, resulting in the needle shaft can not be pressed normally;
3. Poor surface electroplating process causes excessive roughness of the inner tube;
4. The production process is not standardized, and there are debris or sundries blocking the internal spring, etc;
5. The nozzle is bruised due to poor assembly process;
6. The compression is generally 2/3 of the total stroke. Too little pressing and insufficient positive force will lead to impedance instability; Too much pressing will bruise the nozzle and cause pin sticking.

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