Innovative application of Top-link magnetic pogo pin connector on educational robots

Innovative application of Top-link magnetic pogo pin connector on educational robots

magnetic pogo pin connector.

Studies have shown that robotics education is of great benefit to cultivating information literacy and technical literacy in primary and secondary schools, and improving students’ innovation and practical abilities. Intelligent educational robots that play a positive role in children’s education, such as Lego robot programming, educational enlightenment, and entertaining, have developed relatively mature software and hardware, allowing children to experience the joy of learning while “playing” , through hands-on assembly, experimentation, programming, until the robot is designed, so as to improve the ability of hands-on practice, innovative thinking and comprehensive application.

icrobot is an educational technology company focusing on scientific and technological innovation education training, teaching robot hardware research and development and productivity. It is at the leading level in the field of robot education, and its product iterations are relatively rapid. Because the robot is not in a solid state, in a non-fixed state, and is larger than ordinary electronic products, it is always moving, explaining, and displaying during operation, and consumes a lot of power. Therefore, a stable, efficient and fast charging connection is required.

Top-link magnetic pogo pin connector
Top-link magnetic pogo pin connector (patent number: CN202020138558.7)

Top-link R&D engineers quickly responded to customer needs and developed a magnetic pogo pin connector. This magnetic pogo pin connector (patent number: CN202020138558.7) contains enough common connectors to connect with each other and the female end connector, the public end connector includes a common end base body, a ring-shaped first magnetic attraction and a first contact probe, and the first contact probe is matched with the male end base body; the female end connector includes a female end The end base body, the ring-shaped second magnetic attraction piece, and the second contact probes have the same number as the first contact probes and correspond to them. The first magnetic attraction and the second magnetic attraction attract each other, and the first contact probe and the second contact probe are connected through the so-called PCB board, which is automatically adsorbed and can be blindly inserted, providing users with a convenient connecting way. This magnetic pogo pin connector has passed the test of icrobot and is used in educational machines.

educational robots
educational robots

At present, science and technology is fast developing, and the process of electronicization is accelerating, which also offer an opportunity to connection technology. After 18 years of development and accumulation, Top-link has been an independent and complete R&D system in the fields of Pogo Pin charging connection and precision module. At present, in addition to educational robots, Top-link has provided one-stop services from conceptual conception to mass production for global smartphone, smart wearable, smart home, smart medical, Internet of Things, 5G communication, equipment manufacturers and automotive industry customers.In the future, we will make great efforts to create innovations to drive continuous high-quality development with innovation.

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