Top-link: Usage and Maintenance of the Dust-free Workshop

To provide a better place for production, dust-free workshop is absolutely the best choice. Top-link Electronics’s dust-free workshop has contributed much to the precision and consistency of Pogo Pin Connectors.

dust-free workshop

The air cleanliness, humidity, temperature and static-free environment of the plant are the best condition for the assembly of the Pogo Pins.

To enter the dust-free workshop, staffs should observe the following steps strictly:
air shower

1. Wear Disposable dust cap
2. Wear dust-proof mask
3. Wear clean clothes
4. Wear clean shoes
5. Wear gloves
6. Check appearance
7. Air shower

The maintenance of dust-free workshop is also very important. The following tips are for your reference:
1. Use the dust particle to test the scale
2. Clean the production machines regularly
3. Test the machines regularly, and repair or replace in time
If you want to improve the quality and efficiency of your company’s production, A dust-free workshop can really help.

Pogo Pin inspection

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