Miniature pogo pins

Miniature pogo pin tips, recommended collection

Just like its name, the “mini pogo pin” is also a kind of pogo pin, but it is very small and the space usage rate is very low (special space saving)

First, the application of miniature pogo pins. Is a new type of connector system suitable for use in confined spaces. If the product requires a flat design or modularity of the final product, the use of mating connectors should be avoided, so miniature pogo pins are an ideal choice. The connector is pushed directly onto the contact pads on the printed circuit board.

Second, the product attributes of miniature pogo pins. The rated current can reach 10A, the minimum pin pitch is 0.4mm (through-hole) / 0.3mm (surface mount), and the service life is greater than 50,000 cycles. With high vibration resistance, it can be suitable for data transmission or current transmission of thin and light mobile phone modules (display, audio jack, charging and other modules).

Third, the miniature pogo pin structure and working principle. Like a normal pogo pin, a miniature pogo pin connector includes a thin tube with a spring and a thimble. The spring pushes the needle against the contact pads on the printed circuit board, establishing a reliable, vibration-resistant electrical contact.

Fourth, custom design. Mini pogo pins are available in custom pogo pins and in-use heights that meet specifications. The product can be applied to a fully automated production line. Choice of custom designs including different shapes of pins and connector housings, protectors, packaging or mating female headers.

fifth, Standard design. Customers can freely choose the design according to the special requirements of the project. In addition to the irregular structure, customers can also use pogo pins as the new standard for single-row, double-row or multi-row pin products.

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Introduction to pogo pins

One of the older, widely used contacts, the pogo pin, has long established itself as a reliable and trustworthy technology for many applications. Named after the pogo stick toy over forty years ago, this golden spring-loaded contact has played a vital role in making temporary connections, usually for electronic testing, since it was first created.

now, the pogo pin has been used in more “permanent” connections in cell phones, laptops, computers and other electronic devices. Many have come to rely on pogo pins for their durability, relatively small size and their ability to absorb relative large vertical mismatches between the connectors in which they are embedded. In a world where we want to make quick connections with batteries, laptop screens and I/O ports, they have provided a very flexible solution.

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