What is a pogo pin and what are pogo pins used for?

What is a pogo pin and what are pogo pins used for?

Pogo pin is also called pogo pin, the simplest pogo pin structure is composed of: plunger(pin), tube, spring three components. The plunger(pin) and tube material of the pogo pin is generally brass, and in special cases, non-blinging steel is also used, and the material of the spring is non-ceramium steel. As shown in the following figure:

Structure and composition of the Pogo pin
Structure and composition of the Pogo pin

The main function of pogo pin is electrical connection, generally used to transmit current or signal, the range of use is very wide, from the space shuttle, high-speed rail, to smart watches, Bluetooth headsets have its presence.

Application of Pogo pin in TWS Bluetooth headset
Application of Pogo pin in TWS Bluetooth headset

Why is Pogo Pin so popular? This is because of its advantages:

1、Active connection, easy to disassemble, very suitable for some contact connections that need to be routinely disassembled, generally used for charging connections, like TWS Bluetooth headset charging case and headset contact connection.

2、Structural advantages, Pogo pin can achieve a very small volume, can be used in products with limited space, especially in today’s trend of miniaturization of electronic products, pogo pin can play its advantage.

3、Long life, POGO PIN dynamic service life can be up to 500,000 times, can meet the need for frequent plugging and unplugging products, such as: shared power bank

4、High current, pogo pin can achieve more than 10A current interception design, can meet the high current demand of products, such as for electric bicycle charging connection.

5、For high-frequency applications, pogo pins can be designed for applications with high frequencies of up to 10Gbps, such as pogo pins in Huawei communication base stations.

6、Low inductance, the structure of the POGO PIN is simple, and the connection path is short, so its inductance value is very small, can be used in some application scenarios with special requirements for inductance, POGO PIN is a good choice.

To summarize the above, you should have a basic understanding of pogo pins. Space is limited, please correct any errors or omissions.

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